jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

Leadership Requires Vulnerability

Our time spent in San Pancho was aimed towards developing our leadership skills. Typically, when you think of a leadership academy you think of powerpoints with a list of tips, maybe a few speakers here and there and then reflection about what you learned. But Entreamigos made the experience beyond what anyone expected!

The first day we were asked "what impact do you wish to have on the world and why?" Each of us gave a short response to the question without much thought and were told we would put together a short speech to present our explanations in front of the community on the last day. Little did we know, the entire week would be dedicated to discovering the real "why" to our answers by opening ourselves up and finding the deeper reasoning.

The days leading up to our final speech were emotional and I had a very difficult time convincing myself that I would be able to be vulnerable up on stage in front of several people I did not know..but I did find comfort in the fact that I did not know any of them. For me this was the biggest thing I learned for myself. Growing up I never shared my 'why' because I felt as if it was me laying my troubles on someone else. During this week in San Pancho I learned that my 'why' could inspire others, make me more personable, and even help me have a better understanding about why I want to dedicate my life to helping others.

When I look back I realize a majority of my friends and mentors and family who truly inspire me, have inspired me with their story. Before my experience in San Pancho, I had never thought about why I looked up to someone but that seems to be the underlying theme. I now know as I prepare to head into a career, that being vulnerable at appropriate times is acceptable and just makes you human. It also reminds me that everyone has a story as to why they are the way they are and no one should EVER forget that.

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